Human Albumin

Human Albumin

Human albumin is the most widespread plasma protein in human blood plasma and is produced in the liver. It constitutes approximately 60% of human plasma protein. Serum albumins are important in regulating blood volume by maintaining the oncotic pressure of the blood compartment. They also serve as carriers for proteins, nutrients and some drugs like warfarin, phenobutazone, and phenytoin.

Human Albumin 20% Biotest is prepared from human plasma of healthy donors. It is a natural constituent of human blood. Despite many millions of doses being administered, no viral transmission has ever been demonstrated. Adverse reactions to human albumin are very rare: the incidence of suspected severe allergic reactions is calculated as 0.00013%.

Additional Information

Human Albumin 20% Biotest's main composition is human albumin. 1000 ml solution contain 200g of human plasma protein of which at least 96% is human albumin. Its main excipients are caprylate, N-acetyl-DL-tryptophanate, sodium ions and water.

The main use of human albumin is in restoring and maintaining circulating blood volume where volume deficiency has been demonstrated and use of colloid is appropriate. The choice of albumin rather than artificial colloid will depend on the clinical situation of the individual patient.

Human albumin is of greater physiological value to patients than fluid resuscitation by artificial colloid since it has a unique capacity to act as a carrier molecule for proteins, nutrients and some drugs. Human albumin can also bind and inactivate toxic products generated during inflammatory disease states, bilirubin and free fatty acids, scavenge free radicals and prevent lipid peroxidation.

Human albumin has also been used during surgery to minimize hyperoxic injury, maintains intravascular volume and corrects hypoalbuminaemia. The most common use of human albumin is in critically ill patients, where it has been shown to reduce the risk of pulmonary pathology, improves hypovolaemic endpoint in hypovolaemic shock and reduces morbidity rate.

Finally, human albumin is commonly used in cirrhotic patients with ascites. It has been shown to improve the rate of response and prevent recurrence of ascites in patients receiving diuretics.

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