The Solution For Complex Situations


Biseko® is a virus-inactivated human plasma serum that contains the entire spectrum of serum proteins in a standardized, active form.

Biseko® is prepared from plasma pools of at least 1000 individual donations. Pooling of such large numbers of donations balances out individual differences in protein concentrations and ensures that the end product has a standardized composition.

Biseko® does not require cross matching before infusion and can be given to all patients, irrespective of their blood group.

In principle, blood products always carry a risk of transmission of infection. Workers from Biotest Pharma have over 50 years in the plasma industry and safety is our highest priority. The safety of the Biotest manufacturing procedure is supported by the fact that Biseko® has been used in patients for over 25 years and it has never transmitted viral infection.

Additional Information

Biseko® is a polyfunctional solution for complex plasma imbalance and deficiency and is suitable for volume and protein replacement during and after surgery or polytrauma and critical care. It not only replaces albumin, but also improves transport, defense and inhibitor functions.

After major surgery or severe injuries, the rate of protein synthesis is not impaired but protein breakdown exceeds protein biosynthesis. Consequently, the body needs not only an adequate supply of energy substrates but also simultaneously a wide range of intact proteins. In addition there is proteolysis of serum proteins, in particular transport proteins and immunoglobulins.

Administration of Biseko® replenishes the protein loss in addition to increasing the oncotic pressure and therefore expands intravascular volume. These functions are normally obtained by administering 4 different solutions, namely fresh frozen plasma, immunoglobulins, albumin and colloids saline.

In addion to surgery and trauma, Biseko® has also been used in severe burns, cancer patients, protein loss in nephrology and protein loss through therapeutic plasma exchange.


Please refer to the full prescribing information for more details.