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Olerup SSP is the world leader in the development of kits for genomic HLA typing, including Olerup SSP typing kits and accessories and global exclusive distributor for Conexio Genomics SBT typing product line for HLA laboratories. These products are all used prior to transplantations to match donors with recipients. Better matching reduces the risk of complications following transplantation. HLA typing is a standard procedure in bone marrow transplantation (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) and organ transplantation (kidney, lung, heart, and others).

OlerupSSP® HLA Typing

OlerupSSP® HLA Typing

Olerup SSP® genotyping products is easy to learn and easy to teach. All Olerup SSP® genotyping products follow the same protocol for amplification program, which allows you to mix and match your PCR set up as you please.

Benefits of Olerup SSP®

  • High resolution
  • One test per PCR plate marked with Product name and Lot number
  • Most up-to-date, quarterly allele updates
  • Minimum amount of DNA and Taq Polymerase required
  • No mineral oil over-lay
  • Multiple package sizes
  • Color-coded plastic for different HLA gene loci