Akern - BIA 101


Established in 1980, Akern is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of bio-impedance instruments for clinical and professional use. Over 30 years of experience in body composition analysis, more than 30,000 sold BIA devices, and state of the art technology laid the impressive foundation for all current Akern BIA products. Thousands physicians are relying on Akern Systems instrumentation. Their success has proved to be the right choice.

BIA 101

The legendary pioneer of bio-electrical impedance testing, referenced in more than 3,000 scientific publications and studies in a variety of medical and scientific fields, BIA101 has evolved as our reference bio-impedance device, validated against worldwide gold standards.

With BIA101 and Bodygram PRO software, weight changes can be interpreted easily and reliably indicated in modifications of fluid, cell or fat compartments. BIA101 is particularly suited to follow hydration states in haemodialysis, to analyse emergency and ICU conditions, as well as optimize nutritional or physical activity programs.

Operating BIA101 is as simple as 1-2-3: Special skin electrodes are placed on the hand and foot of one body side, connected to the BIA101 instrument by electrode cables. Resistance and reactance are immediately displayed on the device and can be entered manually into the BodyGram PRO software or transferred via USB adaptor to your PC.


The phase sensitive BIA 101 measures Resistance (Rz) and Reactance (Xc) of human tissue by a low-voltage, non-susceptible current yielding reliable test data and results within seconds. Phase angle and body compartments are derived by the Bodygram PRO software through medically validated algorithms. Concise but impressive reports and narrative interpretations are available to the professional user, patients and clients.


  • Our reference class device in medical and scientific bio-impedance testing
  • Comprehensively validated analysis of body composition
  • Unique evaluation of nutrition and hydration state by BiaVector® and BiaGram®
  • Including lifetime licence of Bodygram PRO software
  • Most modern technology with Lithium-Ion battery
  • Medically certified in Europe (medical CE) and the USA (FDA)
  • mprehensive Body Composition Analysis
  • Resistance (Rz) in Ohms
  • Reactance (XC) in Ohms
  • Phase angle (PA) in degrees
  • Bio-active cell mass (BCM) in kilograms and
  • Total body water (TBW) in liters and percent
  • Extra cellular water (ECW) in liters and percent
  • Intra cellular water (ICW) in liters and percent
  • Fat free mass (FFM) in kilograms and percent
  • Fat mass (FM) in kilograms and percent
  • Muscle mass (MM) in kilograms and percent
  • Sodium/Potassium exchange
  • Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) in kilocalories/kilojoules

Graphical one-glance evaluation by:

  • BiaVector® for the assessment of nutritional and hydration status
  • BiaGram® enhancing the assessment of hydration state