Akern - Body Comp MF Hexa


Established in 1980, Akern is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of bio-impedance instruments for clinical and professional use. Over 30 years of experience in body composition analysis, more than 30,000 sold BIA devices, and state of the art technology laid the impressive foundation for all current Akern BIA products. Thousands physicians are relying on Akern Systems instrumentation. Their success has proved to be the right choice.

BodyComp MF Hexa

BodyComp MF Hexa is the latest addition to the BIA product family of Akern. Highest standards in accuracy and reliability, compact design, and an ultra-light weight of only 490 grams are only some of the reasons, why BodyComp MF Hexa is the perfect BIA model for the demanding professional user.

Featuring optimal portability and a most comfortable, intuitive user interface BodyComp MF Hexa offers unprecedented ease in body composition analysis. One click will initiate the automatic data transfer via Bluetooth to your PC or tablet under MS Windows®. The test itself will just take a few seconds before results appear in a concise graphical and numerical format on the screen.


  • Small, light-weight, portable
  • Well priced professional quality
  • Medically certified (CE)
  • Six BIA frequencies for higher accuracy and more reliability
  • Trouble-free Bluetooth transfer of data to PC or tablet
  • Innovative BodyComp MF Hexa software for comprehensive analysis
  • Concise, easy to read reports with numeric and graphic reference values
  • Interactive protocol for weight management

Body Composition Parameters

  • Phase Angle (PA)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Bio-active Cell Mass (BCM)
  • Fat Mass (FM)
  • Fat Free Mass (FFM)
  • Total Body Water (TBW)
  • Extra Cellular Water (ECW)


  • BodyComp Report with graphical norm comparison and interpretation
  • Comparative report with numerical and graphical comparison of test results
  • Trend report with continuous comparison of test series
  • Weight management with measured vs. norm – with/without physical activity
  • User editable interpretation text

Additional Program Modules

  • Data management for personal and test data
  • Test related archive for files, documents, pics
  • Module for physical activity and training
  • Weight management module