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Dr. Franz Köhler Chemie, the company, specialises in organ-protecting solutions, therapeutics, x-ray contrast agents and antidotes. On this basis, Dr. Gernot Köhler, from the second generation, has expanded the company into an innovative, research-intensive and high performance pharmaceuticals company in Alsbach, the USA and Russia. Distributing associates represent the company worldwide. Internal research makes innovative products and continuous development possible. As a result, new therapeutic approaches are formulated in close co-operation with qualified doctors and research is carried out effectively and dependent on requirements. "We are at your service" is the mission statement with which we shall continue to contribute to advances in science and medicine in the interests of the user and patients alike.

Custodiol® HTK Solution

Custodiol HTK Solutions

Custodiol® HTK Solution is intended for cardioplegia during cardioplegic operations, organ protection during operations in bloodless organs (heart, kidney, liver), for preservation of organs for transplantation (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas) and also for vein and artery transplants and for multi-organ protection. It is based on the principle of inactivating organ function by withdrawal of extracellular sodium and calcium, together with intense buffering of the extracellular space by means of histidine/histidine HCl, so as to prolong the period for which the organs will tolerate interruption of blood and oxygen.

Custodiol® HTK Solution is low in potassium concentration so that residual solution in the transplanted organ poses no danger to the recipient. This is particularly important in organs that take up relatively large amounts of the perfusate which may appear in the recipient’s circulation. In fact, Custodiol® HTK does not need to be flushed from the donor organ prior to implantation.

Clinical Advantages

  • Only solution approved for use in both abdominal and thoracic organs by FDA
  • No unexpected adverse events in clinical studies (e.g., arrhythmia and cardiac arrest)
  • Low viscosity important in low-flow organs like the pancreas
  • Low potassium content safe for systemic absorption
  • Buffered with histidine and histidine HCI
    • Doubles buffering capacity in transplanted organs, which moderates drop of pH
    • Protects against edema
    • Lower rate of biliary complications

Greater Convenience

  • Water-like viscosity for easier diffusion and faster cooling time
  • No flushing required
  • Convenient storage and package sizes with 1-year shelf life
  • Ready-to-use, no need for additives or filters
  • Less expensive than UW and Celsior solutions