About Schutz


SCHUTZ Verbandsmaterialien Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, a leading German Company for providing wound care, infection prevention and patient care products. Launched in Hong Kong since 2005, it has already become one of the leading health care brands in Hong Kong.

Infection Prevention Products

Our skin is the first defensive layer that comes into contact with bacteria and germs. Without extra care and protection of our skin, bacterial penetration becomes easier, and serious infectious diseases become more likely to spread. Chong Lap offers a series of products that are prevention tools against infection.

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Patient Care Products

When not paying attention, we are often unaware of wounds that could lead to various infections, because it was not sterilized immediately. Therefore, it is important to be attentive to patients, and our company provides a variety of products dealing with patients’ different needs.

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Wound Care Products

The process of treating wounds is crucial for full recovery. When wounds are healing, consistent cleansing and applying new plasters/dressings are necessary for the prevention of infections and inflammations. In consideration, our company provides a series of products that is customized for all kinds of wounds.

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