Company Profile

Chong Lap is a leader in pharmaceutical and medical device distribution in Hong Kong since 2000. We specialize in promoting and introducing new medical technology to the local medical community by sponsoring and participating in different medical conferences and initiating local clinical studies. Our goal is to improve public health and people's quality of life by providing high quality pharmaceutical products and medical devices to the local medical community.

Our Story

The Lie’s Family business started in the early 30’s in Shanghai, China. Their business has grown immensely throughout the years, now owning Tai Fung Trading Co., Newpower Group and Chong Lap. The companies combined are involved in trading, joint-venture manufacturing, investment and consultancy. In particular, in terms of the healthcare industry, Tai Fung Trading Co. pioneered with the introduction of western pharmaceuticals in China during the late 70’s, which marked the propagation of the undeveloped market at the time. Today, Tai Fung has exclusive distribution rights to a number of major international pharmaceuticals; the success owing to long-standing relationships with foreign business partners such as Biotest Pharma, which has been represented by the company for over 20 years.

With the strong basis Tai Fung established, Chong Lap maintains the reputation for excellence in the field, while introducing fresh approaches to managing the business. At the same time, Chong Lap also attaches great importance to market development apart from Hong Kong and Macau. In 2012, the Taiwan branch of Chong Lap was formally opened and successfully obtained the exclusive distributorship of Echosens SA in Taiwan subsequently.

Objective and Strategy

  • Expand our service network and strengthen existing relationships with business partners
  • Recognise niches in the market and develop innovative ways to seize business opportunities
  • Understand customer needs and provide effective and professional service that ensures customer satisfaction
  • Form bridges between local and foreign work cultures in the healthcare sector by understanding customers with different perspectives
  • Utilise our network and affiliations to increase investment opportunities
  • Develop marketing strategies such as sponsors and conventions, to create new connections with businesses worldwide